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max 100 child ASIN
15000 coupon codes
track 100 competitors
track 1K keywords

100 landing pages
+ all other features



max 25 child ASIN
5000 coupon codes
track 25 competitors
track 250 keywords

25 landing pages
+ all other features



max 10 child ASIN
2000 coupon codes
track 10 competitors
track 100 keywords

10 landing pages
+ all other features



max 5 child ASIN
1000 coupon codes
track 5 competitors
track 50 keywords

5 landing pages
+ all other features



max 1 child ASIN
500 coupon codes
track 1 competitor
track 10 keywords

1 landing page
unlimited emails
trademark check
listing alerts
index checker
inventory tracking
chatbot automation


  • River Cleaner supports the US, CA, UK, DE accounts.
  • River Cleaner's Chrome extension requires a professional account for the API access for some of the features.
  • Google Chrome does not support extensions on tablets and smartphones.
  • We do not store your credit card information. Our credit card processor only provides us with the last 4 digits and expiration date of your credit card to assist you with identifying the card you have on file.
  • River Cleaner's extension is only licensed for one user, however, can be installed on multiple computers.
  • River Cleaner's extension will not support simultaneous use on multiple machines with one license.
  • By downloading River Cleaner, you agree to our Terms of Use

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  • The only software I use for amazon reasonable pricing and always updated with new features.
    Mirak Subba
  • River Cleaner est le meilleur outil que j'ai testé sur le marché afin d'aider notre équipe à optimiser nos listings sur Amazon. Je recommande cette outil à tous les vendeurs sérieux qui aimerais passer leur vente à un autre niveau !
    Eric Paul
  • River Cleaner is an amazing service to stay on top of Amazon TOS and to improve listings. The Facebook group is a fantastic source for everything FBA related. A very active community and admin generously shares information and expertise.
    Maja Rovsing Falvo
  • #1 source for me to know about new features, hacks, and useful services.
    Alexey Yakuban

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