A Blueprint to
Custom Designed Products

How I come up with ideas for unique products
that people are actually excited to buy and how i make it a reality.

On a low budget, even if you are not a very creative person.

with Ivelin Demirov

Follow my journey every day
from idea to manufacturing.
The exact process that delivered 25 succesful projects in the last 6 years!

See how i sketch an idea, prototype it, fund it, manufacture it and deliver the final product.

Get the exact 250 Questions I Ask Myself
Before Developing, Inventing, Sourcing or
Manufacturing a Physical Product.

See behind the scenes of me designing, promoting and ranking a Kickstarter page.

and everything in between...

Plus you will be the first to receve the final product.


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Your Step-by-Step Guide to
Getting Started with Idea Generation

A simple to follow, yet powerful method to come up with ideas for unique custom designed products to manufacture and sell on Amazon and other marketplaces

  • 1

    Dominate Amazon by offering something unique

  • 2

    Avoid the need to compete on price or on reviews

  • 3

    Make it as hard as possible for your competitors

  • 4

    Stay on top of the game for longer

  • 5

    Build a 6 figure exit brand

  • 6

    Get chased by influencers and retailers