Keyword Ranking with Facebook Single Coupon Codes Offers for Prime Day



Literally, in a matter of minutes, you can create an offer on your Facebook product page with an Amazon promotion coupon code and then boost it so that many people can see it.

But there is one problem. Anyone can see and share the coupon code. Which is probably not what you wanna do, especially if you offer a coupon for 90% off.

Sure you can limit the MAXIMUM ORDER QUANTITY to 1, but let’s explore a more powerful way of doing that with single-use coupon codes.


If we create the offer ad from the Power Editor we will be presented with many more features.

We now have the ability to upload unique codes, which will be used one per customer.

Let’s create the coupon first at Amazon by creating Percentage Off promotion.






Copy and paste your codes into the provided template and save

Upload the file



Now let's use some data such as postal codes from previous orders to target similar buyers. You can use River Cleaner to download a ready to upload file from your previous orders.





This is where it gets interesting. Not only we have unique coupon codes and a custom audience, now we will start ranking for some pretty competitive keywords with each sale we make.

Now that the Super-URL are considered rank manipulation by Amazon, let's see another way to use keywords that will send your buyers only to your listing.

Click on your brand name and notice how instead of "All departments" now you can search only inside your brand.
Exactly what we want.
Type your main keyword and hit Enter.



Now copy the resulted URL from your address bar and paste it in the Online Offer URL field.



Notice our main keywords at the end. Once you rank for them on page one, you can change them to something else and continue to run the ad.

Boom. Now you know how to rank for even the most competitive keywords on Amazon while making sales and building your brand awareness.


Happy Prime Day everyone,

Ivelin Demirov