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Amazon Listing Optimization

Without Leaving Seller Central

River Cleaner uses machine learning technology to study millions of Amazon data points
and gives you an insight on what's working best and what needs to be fixed.


See it in Action

Discover how River Cleaner cleverly exposes the most profitable keywords. Check to see if you missed any from your product title, bullet points or backend search terms - then verify if they are indexed by Amazon.
It’s that simple.

Learn how - by simply entering your main keywords and repeating with other relevant keywords, you can quickly discover some golden nuggets to include in your product name and bullet points.
This gives you maximum keyword exposure and ultimately, higher rankings.


Powerful Keyword Research Tools

Generate hundreds of highly relevant LSI keywords with accurate search volume data.

Find the ranking difficulty of long tail keywords that make sales.

Discover untapped niche opportunities and organize them in projects.

keyword research tool for new product discovery

Use our Reverse ASIN tool to get the exact keywords that make sales for your competitors.

merchant words relevance percentage

reverse ASIN

Keyword Tracker with Index Checker

Track yours and your competitor's keywords search result position and relevance percentage.
Get notified if your position has dropped so you can take action on time and stay competitive.
See if a keyword got indexed organically or because of advertising.

amazon keyword tracking tool

Sales Dashboard

Easily navigate trough your latest orders and
see how your launch strategy is performing per ASIN

amazon orders tool

Landing Pages with Full Control

Deliver single use coupons codes in style with this easy to use landing page editor.
No Enhanced Brand Content yet? No problem.
Show your buyers what you got with large images, video and styled text.

mobile landing pages editor


Get full access to over 200 check points



Long-tail KW Research

Keyword Search Volume

Reverse ASIN Relevance

Track Keyword Position

Keywords You've Missed

Keyword Optimization

Keyword Indexing Alerts

KW Index Checker

AMZ Keyword Suggester

LSI Keywords


Amazon SEO tool

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Optimize Google Search

Profit Calculator

Mobile Preview

Quick Orders Search


Forbidden Keywords

Forbidden Symbols

Repeated Keywords

Image Compliance

Subjective Claims

Promotional Terms

Offensive Words

TOS Compliance


Visual HTML Editor

Listing Auto-correct

Title Structure Guide

Formatting Auto-fix



Numbers to Numerals

Style Guides Correction


WYSIWYG Email Builder

Negative Feedback Alert

Listing Hijackers Alert

Suppressed Listings Alert

One Click API Integration

Advanced Sellers Group

Customer Support 24/7

Personalized Follow-up Emails

Drag and drop images, video, buttons and text to create beautiful and highly personalized emails that convert to feedback and reviews. Without writing a line of code.

email follow up

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